Threats of using Private Servers


We hope you know the game Clash of Clans. It’s one of the most interesting games of time and people are just nuts about it. Why do you think that the game is so interesting?

We think it’s because of the type of the game it is! An adventurous game, which is a multiplayer game with loads of resources like gold, elixirs and gives one a space to create a town! Where in reality can one do this? So, to get the thrill of it, which involves raising war against enemies, one is fascinated to create a town of their imaginations.

There is another reason for the much hype and that is the existence of COC private server! Private servers are on the rise because of below reasons.

  • Gives you all features just like the regular server, you can join or create a clan.
  • You get access to unlimited resources-gold, elixir and dark elixir-the most important part of the game.
  • They are always up to date; in par with the original server.
  • You can race to TH11 within very less time.
  • You can play along with your friends together, battle with them in a friendly environ and have fun.
  • Just in seconds you can train your troops, unlike in official server.
  • You have many methods to join the private server, easy and simple.
  • You don’t need to shell money to buy extra resources.

Well, all these may tempt you to go ahead and join. But read the drawbacks.

  • They are a threat to your device, anytime. For accessing the private server, you give root permission. It is like, for playing a game you give your home main door key! Don’t you think that enemy and thief can easily access? Same way, when you give someone an access to root file, they can play with your device. Your data becomes vulnerable. Think!
  • Due to the excess number of crazy gamers, the private server too may sometimes become slow.
  • The bug may reset your private server, clearing all your winnings.
  • Finally, it’s just a game, a temporary fun. Can you risk your data and other important things for just a game? We would surely not, and it’s in your hands about you.

With the provided info, we hope you make the wisest decision.



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