Instagram To Portray You As A Toddler, Teenager And As An Age Old Person

All of us know that Instagram lets photo sharing and is a free app available to be used by everybody with a suitable device. The profiles of all can be viewed using the Instagram private profile viewer. But have you ever noticed its feature wherein it lets you to segregate the photos and videos of your various stages in life? Yes, unlike the other photo-sharing applications, with the use of Instagram you can entertain and share your fond memories of all that has happened in your life stage by stage. Some of the very common trends are:


  • Weekend hashtag projects- this has been exclusively designed by the developers to entertain and give some time to the user to search for some special snaps. People who are members of this project are sent intimations regarding a particular hashtag for which photos are to be posted. This enables the user to upload some creative and some very interesting photos according to the theme of the week.
  • Selfies – selfies need no explanation as it is a very common photo mode used by almost all. Every normal and basic mobile are getting replaced with the one that has a front camera enabling the selfies mode. This enables the user to take a snap that includes not only the others but also the person who is clicking. This mode of photography has completely eliminated the use of hand cameras and digital cameras. This technique was greatly welcomed by all and gained a very high popularity in just few days of its introduction.
  • Throwback Thursday – this is another very popular trend on Instagram wherein the user gets to post pictures of his past, namely childhood memories, special occasions etc…, with a hashtag TBT. This was introduced in 2011 but failed to attract people in the initial days. It was through the few celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian that this mode became popular and people started using this thereafter. Click here for the best website to view instagram profiles

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