How To use Domcop To Your Advantage


It takes a good eye to locate good quality expired domains. There are a lot of methods in picking the right ones. There are some brilliant filter settings that are advanced in nature that are provided by DomCop and this article about Domcop review will help you understand this.

Expired Domains are very popular. They have the power to increase the traffic and the ranking of your website. Apart from the expired domain, it is also vital that you have a properly set up PBN on which the expired domains are hosted on.


In order to find a good quality domain, you can use the DomCop Review.

Use the filters

You need to check and filter out the domains that are of good quality. That is what makes it reusable and valuable. On the advanced filter, use MOZ filters and MajesticSEO filters on the same. You can also pick the extension you would like. For example : .com, .org, .net, etc. Click on the search button. Now, when you select only available expired domains, the ones that remain are the ones that you want.

Check the spam for these domains

It is vital that you rule out the domains that have been spammed out. Various measures such as,, MajesticSEO etc are available. They are all pre-built into DomCop.

Purchase the domain

After you have found the domain that you like, you can go ahead and buy it. DomCop review will tell you that on the right of each domain, you will find a variety of domain registrars. You can pick the domain registrar of your choice and go ahead to complete the formality.

Importance of PBN

One of the most important techniques is to build your PBN. It can be done through the use of the expired domains. It is a good way to increase the rank and the authority of the site. Relevant keyword targeted pages, link building, and quality content will help in increasing the rank of the page.




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